Amazing experience! I've had the pleasure of working with both ladies and let me tell you, their energy is so beautiful.

Friendly, funny, caring and VERY knowledgeable. The passion for both astrology and helping people is evident.

If you need help digging into the essence of who you were born to be, set up an appointment with Mercury Rhythm. I promise, it will be just the beginning of a beautiful journey.

Gloria Locke

Evelyn Sevilla is truly a natural. Her intuitive skills are spot on. Evelyn's energy is amazing. It's unbelievable how she picks up on what's going on. She has been right about everything. She picks up on other people's energy and things come to her. She is gifted and a loving soul.

Sharon D.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! The Clarity & Guidance card reading was so much fun, darn true and relative to my current situation!!
It's amazing the way you pulled all those cards...SPOT ON!!! I'll follow through and use this guidance. I LOVED IT!!

Dani C.

Evelyn has a unique intuitive ability that comes on like a firecracker.  She is fun, focused and delivers message with joy and optimism. Girlfriend always makes me feel better about whatever is going on and gives me the confidence to tackle it!

Jamie S.

I worked with Evelyn and even before our session she was telling me things that I was working on before we even had a chance to talk. It was relaxing and helpful. It put my mind at ease. It was just what I needed and now I’m watching things unfold that she told me to expect.

Beth J.

From a man who doesn't always believe in this stuff. YOU ROCK!

Mercury Rhythm is exceptional!

I can't recommend Mercury Rhythm highly enough. Bella and Evelyn are both incredibly skilled and personable, and their readings are a true gift to anyone seeking deeper understanding and meaning in their lives. If you're looking for astrology or tarot readings, Mercury Rhythm is definitely the place to go!

Tara H.

Mom & Daughter Duo


Bella is a force to be reckoned with.
I’m not even sure and can’t begin to fathom how someone her age can be so knowledgeable, so intuitive and so insightful. Her awareness and level of understanding when doing a chart reading is unbelievable. A level of awareness I have not even seen in grown, established professionals within the metaphysical community. It goes beyond what can be read in a book. She really gets it.
She did a chart reading for me, for my significant other and then she did a synergy reading and she nailed it. She was able to articulate the nuanced ebb and flow of the energy between he and I in a way that I found, quite simply put, astounding.
There are not enough good things I can say about this beautiful, kind, tender and compassionate young lady. All I can say is get a chart reading with her now while she is available because she is definitely going places.
I am not sure if this is what she wants to do for a living but I am sure that if she sets her sights on doing this for the long-haul, there will be a wait list.
Bella- shoot for the moon and if you land among the stars, even better..

-Kate V. professional card reader and medium