About Us

Are you captivated by mysticism and the enigmatic? We are too! That's why we've established a space offering an array of astrology and divination consultations, as well as unique gifts that allow us to share our creativity and passions with the world. We'll soon be featuring artwork as well.

Mercury Rhythm Vision

Our aim is to empower, provide clarity, and support the journey of alignment with your higher self and the cosmos.

Hello! I'm Bella, co-founder of Mercury Rhythm. I used to feel adrift in a sea of infinite possibilities, without a place in the world. When I discovered astrology, it was like setting out on an adventure with the stars as my compass. Astrology unveils the profound link between planetary energies and personal experiences. Now, as a self-assured individual, my goal is to help guide others, like you, on their own journey. I intend to provide you with the tools to unlock your gifts and reach your full potential.

Hey there, it's Evelyn! I appreciate you taking the time to learn about us. My love for tarot began long ago, sparked by a fascination with its artwork and mystical allure. A dear friend encouraged me to delve deeper into my spiritual abilities. As an empath and highly intuitive person, tarot proved to be the perfect fit.

As enthusiasts of the esoteric and the mystical, we found it challenging to locate stores offering quality products in these realms. This inspired the creation of Mercury Rhythm. We are committed to providing our clients with the best service and collections available.  

Why Choose Mercury Rhythm?

Shopping with us will reveal the Mercury Rhythm distinction. We concentrate on sourcing unique products. We are a mother-daughter duo with a passion for creation, and we were divinely guided to where we are now. If you have any inquiries, feel free to contact us, and one of our team members will respond as soon as possible. Purchase or book with us today and discover the Mercury Rhythm difference for yourself!