30 min. Stars & Cards  LIVE Video Reading

30 min. Stars & Cards LIVE Video Reading

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If you're seeking a safe and comfortable space to discuss any questions you may have, Evelyn is here to help. Evelyn uses tarot and oracle cards, as well as your astrology chart (please provide your date, place, and time of birth) to provide insight and guidance.

To make the most of your reading, please find a quiet place where you won't be interrupted and give yourself ample time. It's okay to feel excited, happy, worried, or anxious, and Evelyn is here to help provide clarity and guidance in any situation.

We can use FaceTime, Insta, or Messenger for our video platform, and if you wish to add a recording, the Zoom platform can be used. There are no catastrophic revelations that spirit will share with Evelyn, so you can trust that your reading will be a positive experience.

In terms of question topics, we can cover anything from relationships and business to family, school, work, and overall direction. We can also simply see where the reading takes us and let the conversation flow. By engaging with Evelyn and providing your specific questions or direction, you can receive a personalized reading that is tailored to your unique situation and needs.