60 Min Stars & Cards LIVE Video Reading

60 Min Stars & Cards LIVE Video Reading

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What to Expect:  It is of my utmost importance to create a safe and comfortable place where we can discuss whatever questions you may have. Evelyn will use Tarot and oracle cards as well as your astrology chart.  Please provide your date, place, and time of birth for your astrology chart.  

Video Platform: We can use FaceTime, Insta or Messenger.  For a recording of the reading, Zoom will be used.  A video recording of the reading can be provided for an add'l $5.00.  

Suggestions: Please give yourself ample time to find a quiet place where you won't be interrupted. This will provide you with the most benefit from the reading.  Some people may feel excited, happy, worried or anxious.  It's ok to feel that way. 

What we will do, is take a peek of what's to come for you. It allows you an opportunity to see what avenues are available.  Spirit will never share anything with me that would be catastrophic.  If any reader ever does, be cautious.  I'm here to help provide some clarity and guidance in a situation. 

Question Topics, not limited to:






-Overall Direction

We can also see where it goes.  There is no need to provide any questions but it helps get things flowing in the right direction.